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My initial attempts at taking pictures of the night sky. Not much to show yet. Flickr photosets.
The Map Room: Astronomy
Blog entries about celestial atlases old and new, and maps and imagery of other worlds.
The McWetlog: Astronomy
Blog entries about astronomy, space, and my adventures in stargazing.
Prime Focus
My tumblelog about astroimages.
Shawville Stargazers
Locals interested in looking at the night sky; we’re trying to get ourselves organized.
Telescope Stores in Canada
Store locations mapped for my own purposes; you might find it useful too.

Recent Astrophotos

I take pictures and post them to Flickr. Follow me there.

Prime Focus

This is the most recent entry from Prime Focus, my tumblelog about astroimages. Visit the site or subscribe to its RSS feed.

Recent Blog Entries

Prime Focus isn’t included in this list; see above.