Table of Contents

Articles and Book Reviews
Short pieces published in amateur herpetological newsletters.
Frequently asked questions about reptiles, reptile care, and our reptile sales. Read this before contacting me.
Field Herping
Some of the field herping activities I’ve taken part in, my life list, and links to some field photography.
My website about garter snakes; includes articles, answers to questions, a care guide and a species guide.
The McWetlog: Reptiles and Amphibians
Blog entries about reptiles and amphibians, both in the wild and in captivity, and related issues. For our own reptiles, see the Herp Collection category.
Ringneck Diary
In 2003 we tried keeping ring-necked snakes, and I started keeping a diary about it. Neither worked out.
Snakes on Film
Nitpicking snakes’ appearances in movies and on television. Because I can’t help myself, that’s why.

Recent Photography

I take pictures and post them to Flickr. Follow me there.

Recent Blog Entries