Pelee Island Field Trip (2003)

Here are some of the field herping activities and field trips I’ve been involved with in the past.

Pelee Island

Pelee Island Field Trip (2004) An expedition to Pelee Island has taken place every May long weekend; I attended the trips in 2001, 2002 and 2004. I’ve posted photos from the 2002 and 2004 trips, as well as a trip report from 2002.

Mudpuppy Night

Mudpuppy (2004)Every winter, Fred Schueler runs a weekly expedition to the dam at Oxford Mills to observe mudpuppies — possibly the only place where they can be observed during winter. I’ve posted photos from 2004 and 2005.

Murphy’s Point

Lead-backed redback In 2002, we took part in an OARA field trip to Murphy’s Point Provincial Park. Our purpose was to look for black rat snakes, but we saw a lot of terrestrial salamanders instead. I’ve posted photos from that trip.

Narcisse Snake Dens

Narcisse Snake Dens sign I visited the Narcisse Snake Dens twice in one year when I was eight years old — there are pictures of me from that time here and here — but didn’t return until August 2006. I’ve posted photos from that trip and have also written an article about it.

Spotted Turtle Survey

Spotted Turtle (2003) Every spring, the spotted turtle survey takes place at or near a provincial park in Ontario, the name and location of which is kept quiet to discourage poaching. I wrote an article about it in 2001, and I have some photos from the 2003 trip.

Life List

My life list is a list of all the species of reptiles and amphibians that I’ve encountered in the wild. I include both sightings and frog calls. It’s pretty heavily weighted toward southern Ontario and Quebec at the moment, a result of my lack of travel since getting into herping.

The life list indicates the first time I have seen a species in the wild — encounters with captives don’t count! Links are to photos of my first wild encounters with each species. An asterisk indicated a frog call rather than a visual sighting; in most cases that came at a later date.

Blue RacerColuber constrictor foxiiOntarioMay 23, 2004
Eastern Fox SnakeElaphe gloydiOntarioMay 19, 2001
Smooth Green SnakeLiochlorophis vernalisOntarioApril 19, 2003
Lake Erie Water SnakeNerodia sipedon insularumOntarioMay 19, 2001
Northern Water SnakeNerodia sipedon sipedonOntarioMay 6, 2000
Brown SnakeStoreria dekayiOntarioApril 14, 2001
Northern Red-bellied SnakeStoreria o. occipitomaculataOntarioApril 20, 2003
Northern Ribbon SnakeThamnophis sauritus septentrionalisOntarioApril 14, 2001
Red-sided Garter SnakeThamnophis sirtalis parietalisManitobaMay 1980
Eastern Garter SnakeThamnophis sirtalis sirtalisOntarioApril 14, 2001
Northern Alligator LizardElgaria principis principisB.C.Aug. 1993
Common Snapping TurtleChelydra serpentina serpentinaOntarioApril 14, 2001
Western Painted TurtleChrysemys picta belliiManitobaEarly 1980s
Midland Painted TurtleChrysemys picta marginataOntarioApril 2000
Spotted TurtleClemmys guttataOntarioApril 14, 2001
Blanding's TurtleEmydoidea blandingiOntarioMay 21, 2001
Frogs and Toads
American ToadBufo americanus americanusOntarioMay 21, 2001
Gray TreefrogHyla versicolorOntarioMay 2001*
Northern Spring PeeperPseudacris crucifer cruciferOntarioMay 2001*
Western Chorus FrogPseudacris triseriataQuebecMay 4, 2003*
BullfrogRana catesbeianaOntarioMay 2001
Green FrogRana clamitans melanotaOntarioApril 8, 2001
Northern Leopard FrogRana pipiensSaskatchewan1970s
Mink FrogRana septentrionalisOntarioJune 10, 2001
Wood FrogRana sylvaticaOntarioJune 16, 2002
Blue-spotted SalamanderAmbystoma lateraleOntarioJune 16, 2002
Spotted SalamanderAmbystoma maculatumOntarioJune 16, 2002
Smallmouth SalamanderAmbystoma texanumOntarioMay 19, 2001
Common MudpuppyNecturus maculosusOntarioFeb. 2000
Red-spotted NewtNotophthalmus viridiscens viridiscensOntarioApril 20, 2003
Northern Red-backed SalamanderPlethodon cinereusOntarioApril 14, 2001

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