Weekend update

While I’m on the subject of the weekend, we were also in Toronto for Markus and Cindy’s wedding Saturday. A nice small affair in downright opulent surroundings — an officer’s mess at a military college. Downright nice folks, which cast some discussions about friends and friendship that Jen and I had been having that very day into sharp relief.

Essentially, it’s this: some friends will make any excuse they can not to see you even if you’re only an hour away, while others at great distance want to see more of you. Distance speaks volumes about the quality of your friends, and sad to say we’ve had a bunch lately that have all but disappeared since our move to Shawville — a grand total of 75 km further west.

The other noteworthy thing to mention about the weekend is that our trip back was delayed by over two hours by an accident — I think — on the 401. It took us 90 minutes to move six kilometres on the freeway before we were shunted off onto the old highway, where traffic continued to be backed up. Astonishingly bad — and yet I’m told that this is routine whenever there’s a highway closure for some reason. Another reason to use the two-lane highways to the north instead. Got home at 1:15 AM; ow.