September 21, 2004

The original Star Wars trilogy is finally coming to DVD; a four-disc set will be released on Sept. 21. Except that it maybe shouldn’t be called the original trilogy: only the special (read: altered) editions will be available (via Slashdot):

Of course, the big question mark amongst fans has always been whether Lucas would allow the original, unaltered original editions of the trilogy to also be released on DVD. Not possible, said Ward, who confirmed that the upcoming set will feature only the 1997 Special Edition versions of each film. “What George did in 1997,” Ward explains, “was [to] make the movie he originally wanted to make.”
So what are the faithful to do if they don’t want to watch the altered 1997 editions of the trilogy? Either give in, or don’t buy. “We realize there’s a lot of debate out there,” says Ward. “But this is not a democracy. We love our fans, but this is about art and filmmaking. [George] has decided that the sole version he wants available is this one.”

Not surprisingly, there is some controversy about this (via Mr. Barrett).