Credulity Online

A cursory check of would indicate that it’s not run by Apple Computer, and it’s certainly not their legal department. There’s the About page, for example, which says: “Welcome to Apple Legal, a Macintosh software review site.” (Emphasis mine.) Can’t imagine why they’d pick such a confusing URL, though, unless it’s deliberately to catch people who’d type such things in, hoping to find Apple Legal — but that’s so pre-Google.

In any event, somebody got taken in, and wrote a lengthy screed denouncing Apple for a snotty browser-detection message. Considering that her entire premise is wrong, her over-the-top outrage makes her look (and feel, I bet) pretty foolish. [Edit: Since corrected, to her credit.] But mistakes happen, especially if you’re not familiar with the material. And it’s an easy thing in the blogging world to fulminate before checking the details (cf. Slashdot, RTFA, etc.) — boy, don’t I know that!

But a Mac news site (that solicits donations) should really know better. [Update: Rob’s removed the entry without running a correction.]