Blogger: still a piece of shit sometimes

It figures that, on the day before the end of the Olympics, Blogger would decide to throw errors at me when I try to publish new entries to DFL. Blogger has gotten a lot better in the last year, but sometimes it falls back into old habits: it breaks, it doesn’t tell you what’s wrong, and it takes forever to resolve it. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if this downtime takes until after the Olympics are over to be resolved.

I’d forgotten just how upset I used to get when Blogger went down. I moved this blog and The Map Room to Movable Type for a reason. I really, really, really don’t like it when a service goes down and I don’t know what happened or how long it will take to be fixed. I have enough points of failure as it is, with my ISP’s DNS server constantly going down and my web server constantly rebooting — even a more reliable Blogger is, as it turns out, still not reliable enough, especially for time-sensitive material such as DFL.

Update 11:57 PM: Still can’t publish.

Update 7/29 8:44 AM: It’s back. As usual, it’s better to sleep on it and let the problem get solved than hyperventilate in front of the computer — and my six or seven readers.