They’re hiring

When I quit my job at the Justice department early last year, I wondered how long it would take them to hire a replacement. To be honest, I wasn’t happy there, and I thought to myself at the time, with some satisfaction, that it would take me less time to find a new job than it would take them to replace me.

It turns out that I was right, though that’s not to say that I’ve been finding jobs quickly: after being down two English legislative revisor positions for more than a year and a half (another of my cohort went and became a jurilinguist), they’re finally hiring. I just didn’t think I’d be on the other side of another job, looking for work again, when they did it.

(Actually, I should mention that my own job situation is not entirely dire: I’ve literally been waiting for a phone call for nearly two months. They say the delay is “due to circumstances beyond their control”, so at the very least I’m not yet out of the running. And it’s definitely a job worth waiting for.)