L’hiver est arrivé

The view out my living room window this morning.
Heavy snow in Shawville
Originally uploaded by mcwetboy.

It’s taken me some time to figure out which forecast is more applicable to Shawville: the Pontiac forecast, which ostensibly applies to our region, or the Renfrew forecast, because Renfrew isn’t far away at all in a straight line. It turns out it’s Renfrew’s: last night, the forecasts called for a few centimetres of snow in the Pontiac and considerably more for Ottawa, Gatineau and Renfrew. And we’ve got quite a bit on the ground now, as you can see. (Pontiac’s forecast applies more to the uplands around Otter Lake, I’m guessing.)

It’s a good thing we got new tires last month; the old ones were worn and wouldn’t have done well at all. We got all-season Michelin Destiny tires rather than snow tires: the back lane in this photo is as snowbound as our route ever gets. I won’t be surprised to hear that Highway 148 is more or less bare today; they’re pretty good at keeping that road clear.