Recycling and animal control

The things you find out when you check with town hall. Sometimes you have to be really proactive; they don’t necessarily broadcast these things on a regular basis.

There is curbside recycling in this town. Every second Wednesday (including today).

And, next month the animal control officer will be going door to door registering cats and dogs. Yes, there’s a by-law, and it requires cat licences. Saw that in the paper today, and I investigated. It turns out that this is not new: we should have gotten licences previously for our current kitties. Oops.

It’s $8/year per cat, for a maximum of two cats. That seems a little excessive: I mean, I’m the last person to argue on behalf of cat ladies (see previous entries: Animal hoarding, Cat ladies) but in Ottawa they let you keep up to five.

Of course that’s not the real reason I wanted a look at the by-law, as you well know, but the animal control contractor is only asking after dogs and cats. I’m crossing my fingers that sections 9 and 10 and Schedule II of the Regulation Respecting Animals in Captivity (CARCNET page) mean what I think they mean.