Birthday, meetup

So I turned 33 last Thursday, with minimal fuss. Minimal fuss is better than artificial fuss, so I was content. My father and brother sent me DVD sets: the second volumes of Rumpole of the Bailey and Looney Tunes, respectively. Jennifer gave me Gene Wolfe’s The Knight and The Wizard, about which I’ve heard good things, and an iSight camera, more on which in a moment.

The best part, though, was getting a call from my brother, with whom I hadn’t spoken since July. So we’ve managed to put all that nonsense behind us, to my considerable relief.

Friday evening was the long-awaited MeFi Ottawa meetup (see previous entry), which 11 people made it to. Considering that hardly anyone knew anyone else, we all managed to hit it off pretty well. (Compare that to the Toronto meetup Saturday, where four people stormed out after a heated discussion.) I have photos; so does Jennifer; and so do some other people.

Back in town Saturday, to buy aquarium equipment — Jennifer’s up to something — and visit with David and Rita again. Spent yesterday resting up.

Now, for some reason, I’m a little congested. Looks like I have a phlegm ration to work through.