Jesus. Came back from helping Venetia with her projects for a few hours to find more than 130 comment spams, posted within the space of an hour, waiting for me on The Map Room. Removed them. Movable Type 3.12 is starting to look persuasive: you can hold comments by unregistered users for review before they’re posted. That was by far the worst comment-spam attack I’ve yet faced; I can only hope that the nofollow plan makes them give up before the killing starts.

And then came a PayPal phishing expedition that I’m ashamed to say I nearly fell for, until I realized that it was sent to my Map Room address, which was never registered to them. A look at the raw source of the message revealed that the link was phony. It’s probably safe to say that an e-mail that begins, “Your account has been randomly flagged in our system as a part of our routine security measures,” is a scam.

Spoofed e-mail tutorials from eBay and PayPal, for future reference. Learn ’em good, folks.