Changes that are also hopefully improvements

My ankylosing spondylitis has flared up again — it’s the season for it — and while it’s having an impact on my writing and correspondence, it looks like my ability to code is unchanged. (How much ability I had in the first place, well.) Ironically, the absence of office-related pressure seems to help my productivity — viz., I’m productive, if not communicative. But I digress.

I’ve been mucking around with this blog’s categories — especially Movable Type’s new subcategories, which don’t work the way I thought they would, in that a post assigned to a subcategory is not automatically assigned to its parent. The category URLs have changed around a bit. It’s still in progress. (See the archives for a category list.)

So far, though, I’ve separated out posts about our pet reptiles into their own subcategory, which, along with some tomfoolery with Flickr RSS feeds, allowed me to revamp the collection page. I’m not completely happy with the results, so I don’t think I’m quite finished there, yet, either.

A long time coming, but finished yesterday: a site map that covers all four of my domains as well as all my web stuff wherever it may be. I drew my inspiration from Jessamyn’s page, especially in terms of arranging things by topic as well as by location. I’ll try to keep this reasonably up to date.

Finally, I’ve gone and finished the mobile version. I don’t suppose there’s someone out there with a PDA or mobile phone out there who could, you know, check that site for me?