Another update wherein I play catchup. See, I’ve been spending all my time on my other blogs, leaving none for you. It’s not that you’re chopped liver; I just don’t have a lot of energy lately for the kinds of posts I’ve been planning for here. Maybe I’m too ambitious.

Nothing like another bout of pain to make you uncommunicative. Nearly two weeks ago another flare started up, presumably triggered by a sharp change in the weather. Since then I’ve been dealing with varying degrees of pain, mobility, and testiness.

Fortunately things have not been abjectly miserable, even if I have been behind on my web stuff. Saw Revenge of the Sith on Friday and I’ll try to have a post up about that soon. Jen’s parents made a trip out to see us over the long weekend, and that, despite the usual (common-law-) in-law apprehensiveness, went very well indeed.

We’re also preparing for the move, which should keep me very active during the first two weeks of June. (Yes, you might hear from me even less.)