What have I been up to?

In brief, a few recent developments, each of which could take up a few paragraphs.

I did our taxes, which was unpleasant, because I had to pay money due to a mistake made a year ago: procrastinating getting onto your spousal equivalent’s health coverage means having to pay the province’s prescription drug plan premiums — which was pricey because of our combined income. Ow.

A local environment group, dormant for more than a decade, is starting up again; we went to a meeting on Saturday, where I talked way too much about organizational, procedural and structural things. Interesting bunch, and nice, too.

Installed Tiger on this machine last night. I backed up all the irreplaceable data onto two DVDs and three CDs as a precaution — unnecessarily, since the upgrade went without a hitch. I’m having fun messing around with the new OS, especially with Automator (I’ve already built a few workflows) and Spotlight.

Oh, and we’re moving to a larger place in June. That was one of the positive developments I mentioned earlier. Same town, roughly the same rent, but a townhouse: three bedrooms and a basement. We’ll have to buy appliances, but we’ll have tons more room. For one thing, I’ll have a room to myself to work, instead of sharing multipurposed space, which can’t be anything but good.