I’ve never been much for Doctor Who — low-budget British SF has always left me sort of nonplussed — but I must confess that I’ve been sucked in by the new series. I don’t think it’s just the production values; the writing’s smart, and I’m in awe of the abilities of Christopher Eccleston, who’s already given up the role. This is a profound pity: he’s extremely watchable and an absolutely fantastic actor; his predecessors look positively somnolent in comparison with his hyperkinetic style. The CBC’s Stephen Cole has a bit on the updated Doctor Who (his other columns are worth a read too).

Last night’s episode, “Dalek,” was a marvel — the Doctor Who equivalent of “I, Borg.” If you get that reference, you’ll understand immediately. (Update: James’s review of this episode: “Dalek stands among the best the original series has to offer, and it takes the series into areas it has rarely gone.”)