Changing links

Those of you who read this blog via its RSS feed may have noticed that all the daily links from my account disappeared today. They’ll be back, but in the blog proper, not just spliced in via one of Feedburner’s neato features; in other words, the links are moving from the sidebar (from which they have also disappeared today). It won’t appear here until I actually post a new link to, so until then I’ll have no assurance it’ll work, but it should look a lot like what Matt and Paulo have on their blogs. (See Paulo’s entry for a how-to.)

In a similar vein, I’ve manually spliced in the tag-specific feeds for my links into my category archives: for example, the ten most recent links tagged with “mac” will show up in my Mac category archives. It’s an imperfect implementation, but it’s more than adequate for now. (I used this plugin to implement the <MTIfCategory> tag, inside each of which was a specific call to the relevant feed using this plugin. Repeat 39 times. A little labour-intensive.)

My goal, in all this monkeying around, is to make all these links more visible, so you don’t miss them. Hope it all works.