Snow day, and a belated holiday update

We declared a snow day today and stayed in: Jen got to work on George R. R. Martin’s Feast for Crows; I got to work on my sites again. I’ve been off my feed a bit for the past week or two; it’s only in the last couple of days that I’ve regained my equilibrium enough to blog coherently. What the hell: it’s the holidays, I suppose, or at least they are for Jen; I’m stupid enough to try to keep blogging and coding regardless of the day of the week or the time of the year.

Owing to the presence of a guest, the holidays were a bit more hectic and stressful than they otherwise might have been, but they went well overall. I gave Jen one of these, since her old m500 was starting to drop lines of pixels; she gave me a number of books, including a couple of hard-to-find histories of the CPR in B.C. and this hella-expensive set. So we were very nice to each other, again.

Afterwards, I found that I had a bit of financial wiggle room, thanks to extra Christmas money and a really good quarter in Amazon associate income, and so we splurged on a new television. Nothing fancy: a 26-inch, widescreen, non-HD CRT, but it’s a world of difference from our previous set. At the moment, we have no access to HD content unless we get a satellite dish, so there’d be no point in investing in an expensive LCD or plasma set even if we could afford one.