Nikon D40: I think I’m in trouble

Nikon D40 So Nikon announced the D40, its new entry-level digital SLR, this morning (Engadget, Gizmodo). The camera sites already have detailed reviews up, which of course are overwhelmingly positive (they did get pre-release review units, after all): Digital Photography Review; Let’s Go Digital.

Compared to the D80, my current camera lust object, the D40 is smaller and less feature rich, but apparently not by that much. Major differences: it’s six megapixels instead of ten, and its autofocus is more limited. From the reviews, it seems to be aimed at people looking to move up from compact cameras who want more control and a faster camera, but who don’t have SLR experience and might be overwhelmed by professional kit — i.e., me.

And it’s half the price of the D80. Oh dear. After years of digital SLR lust, I may finally have to break down and get this one.