Bottled water

Last week, David Suzuki denounced bottled water:

“It’s nuts to be shipping water all the way across the planet, and us — because we’re so bloody wealthy — we’re willing to pay for that water because it comes from France,” he said in an interview.
“I don’t believe for a minute that French water is better than Canadian water. I think that we’ve got to drink the water that comes out of our taps, and if we don’t trust it, we ought to be raising hell about that.”

So, how much does it cost to ship water all the way across the planet? Not in terms of money (obviously it’s cheap enough to be profitable), the environmental cost? Pablo does some back-of-the-envelope calculations: to produce and deliver one bottle of Fiji water to the U.S. takes 26.88 L of water, 849 g of fossil fuels and 562 g of greenhouse gases. This, so you can drink water that is not as stringently tested as municipal tap water. Via Treehugger.