Nikon D40x

Nikon D40 Nikon has just introduced the D40x, a camera very similar to the D40 but with a few added features: 10 megapixels instead of six; three frame-per-second continuous shooting instead of 2½, and a minimum ISO of 100 instead of 200.

As a D40 owner, am I suddenly annoyed and envious, in the tradition of everyone who owns kit that has been ostensibly superceded? No. For one thing, this is an intermediate model between the D40 and D80, not a replacement. But there are two main reasons I’m not bothered:

  1. The D40x costs $250 more (in Canada) than the D40.
  2. The D40x’s enhancements are not the ones that would have been of interest to me; I’d still have to upgrade to a D80 to get those enhancements (not that I need them yet, but still).

So I’m still perfectly happy with my camera kit. I still have much to learn before I start to feel I’ve outgrown it.

More interesting for my purposes is the announcement of this 55-200-mm telephoto lens with vibration reduction for only $340 — only a $100 premium over the similar lens without VR.

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