2007 in web traffic

All told, my sites got around 1.6 million pageviews in 2007, up a bit from the 1.3 million received in 2006. Not bad at all, considering that I wasn’t paying as much attention to them during the last five months of the year, what with the job and all.

How do those numbers break down by project?

2007 traffic graph

The Map Room got 1.16 million pageviews, or 74 percent of the total, which is no surprise. That Gartersnake.info came in second is no surprise either, but that it got more than a quarter million pageviews is, especially when you consider how little I’ve added to it over the past year. There’s clearly a need for information about garter snakes out there, and I hope that my little site is doing some good. I have things to do for that site, some of which have been in my to-do pile for years; hopefully I’ll be able to execute on them this year.

This site got more than 68,000 pageviews, which isn’t bad for the personal home page of a relative Internet nobody like me. I’ve been trying to write more interesting things lately, and ease off a bit on the whinging and navel-gazing (which, admittedly, this entry could qualify as). I’ve also decided to consolidate more of my writing here, rather than spread myself thin across a number of sites. That was what was behind the decision to close down FRN (30,000 pageviews). And you won’t likely see me launch more distinct sites again either.

Three smaller sites that don’t require (or haven’t received) much attention each generated about 15,000 pageviews: Ankylose This!, DFL (not bad for a non-Olympics year) and Snakes on Film (not bad considering I haven’t posted to it since last March). Lots of material for Snakes on Film has been accumulating in my to-do pile, and it’s an Olympics year, so expect these numbers to change for 2008.