DreamHost’s billing error

Yes, I got caught up in DreamHost’s stupid billing error situation (follow-up posts here and here). Fortunately, they only overbilled me by $230 — my monthly hosting bill is, shall we say, not large — though others were dinged for much more. They’ve since reversed the charge and are even doing something to address the differences in exchange rates between the initial billing error and the refund.

As I said about DreamHost in the inevitable MetaFilter thread, “They fuck up a lot — sometimes too often — but they fuck up in plain view, and they’re honest about it. I’ve never had a problem that they didn’t fix, rather than pretend it wasn’t there. That’s worth something.” In case you were wondering why I’m still hosting with them, it’s because they don’t hide behind a wall of corporate PR bullshit. I like that their mistakes are honest mistakes.