Cut his balls off, quick!

For Caturday, a couple of items about the new kitten, which — in case you haven’t heard — we’ve named “Doofus.” (“Spazz” was already taken by the female blue-striped garter snake.)

  • He’s more than doubled his weight since his arrival.
  • He attacks shadows on the wall. I’m tempted to take a picture of him in mid-air and LOLcat it thusly: “Ranger cat fights da shadowz.”
  • We wake up with strange and unexplained scratches. Devious cat is not to be trusted.
  • He set off a minor panic earlier this week when he peed on the guest bed. We’re crossing our fingers that it was a case of overexcited loss of bladder control.
  • He goes in to get fixed on March 19. Given the foregoing, that cannot happen soon enough. Snip snip, settle down.