Bringing Tim Hortons to the Pontiac

Yesterday at the post office there was a petition to bring a Tim Hortons to the Pontiac. Yes, it’s hard to believe, but there’s a corner of Canada that doesn’t have one. We’re it. Hi there.

Here’s the thing: if there was a business case to be made for a Tim Hortons in the Pontiac — be it in Shawville, in Fort Coulonge or wherever — we’d probably have one already. Tim Hortons is not a public utility: they’re not going to come here if they can’t make money here. Maybe they can, but a petition won’t convince them. The problem is that we’re not on the highway to somewhere else: all traffic along Route 148 is local traffic. And I don’t think there are enough of us. All a Tims would do would put a lot of local restaurants out of business before closing its own doors.

Some people have a serious and specific addiction to Tim Hortons coffee. That’s what’s behind this. You people need to find better stuff.

(Ironically, the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation has a children’s camp in Quyon.)