One advantage of being a total hermit all the time

Last weekend was an intensely social affair — had my birthday party on Sunday — that left some of my introverted friends overwhelmed and looking for a quiet place to recharge. I, on the other hand, had no problems at all and had a wonderful time all the way through, despite the fact that I am officially the Biggest Introvert Out There™, and have a long track record of seeking the exits when I’m overwhelmed by people. My theory is that this is because, unlike most people, I’m utterly by myself during the week, in my home office, with only Jennifer to keep me company on weeknights. By the time the weekend comes along, I’m fully recharged and ready for a bit of human contact — whereas if I were working in an office again, I’d probably be all frazzled and peopled-out by Friday afternoon. I usually was, when I did.