My self-restraint is unstoppable

Over the past 24 hours, I have decided against buying several things that I can afford, would enjoy, and can make a case for using, but I just don’t need them badly enough right now. So, for now at least, while it would be fun to get some more camera lenses, a MacBook Pro, or an iPhone (which many of my friends seem to be getting), I’m going to hold off from buying any of them. There are scenarios in which each of these purchases would be justified, but they haven’t come to pass yet — I shouldn’t jump the gun. My bank account thanks me for allowing it to remain flush for a little while longer.

I will, however, be splurging on astrophotography gear (despite the fact that clear skies have been rarer than hen’s teeth lately). I have to have some fun — and astrophotography is something I’m really, really keen on right now.