Sir George Head, OBE

It was only yesterday, when we tried out Google Street View’s new 3D mode yesterday, using the 3D glasses that came with the Coraline DVD, that I discovered that 3D has no effect on me — I can’t see it. My eyes are odd: my right eye is strongly dominant; to see through my left eye, I have to switch over to it. I see through one or the other, but I can’t really do both at the same time, which makes binocular vision a theoretical concept and depth perception a matter of blind guesswork. (This is why I could never catch a baseball.) With the 3D glasses, my left eye saw monochrome; my right eye saw both 3D layers. Jennifer, on the other hand, saw depth immediately and easily.

I suppose this sucks, but I’ve never known any other kind of vision — I don’t know what I’m missing. On the bright side, this means that there is absolutely no point to my paying extra to see 3D versions of movies. Nor is there any point in my buying, say, a binocular viewer for telescopes like this one, which would have required having two of each eyepiece. This is saving me money!