A post-holidays update

Hampton sunrise

Time for an update, I think. In the middle of December I was hit by some kind of flu-related virus: the sinuses remained dry and the sluices remained closed, but I was hit by chills and sweats for more than a week. After that, it was off to New Brunswick for the holidays, my first trip there in three years. Bittersweet, as the main reason for going was to see Jennifer’s grandparents, whose health is, shall we say, not good. It went well — what a relief. It was a quick trip: the weather was awful as usual, and extended our stay by a day; the roads are getting easier, though, and I’m getting the hang of the trip down and back. Still, I’m looking forward to the completion of the Autoroute 30 bypass of Montréal in a couple of years. We got back a week ago, but since then I’ve had to deal with a pretty bad flare, exhaustion, and a bit of unpleasant family business. Not much time or energy for blogging. Now for some catching up, though I’m still pretty sore and pretty tired.