Chephren Lake
Date hiked
September 20, 1998
Total distance hiked
7.8 km
Elevation gain
80 m
Maximum elevation
1720 m
Topo map
Mistaya Lake 82 N/15
UTM coordinates (trailhead)
11UNT264435 (NAD 83)

Chephren Lake is an impressive destination. Backdropped by two impressive mountains, Howse Peak on the left and Mount Chephren on the right, Chephren Lake is a typical glacial lake which differs in that it is at a comparatively low elevation; its shores are forested rather than covered in scree. The overall effect is very beautiful, especially on a bright, clear day.

It’s just too bad about the trail that gets you there. It starts from the Waterfowl Lakes campground, which is hardly rustic, and from there, other than an initial hill, it’s a boring tramp through mostly flat, wet terrain. The trail was root-filled and covered in mud when we hiked it. You’re surrounded by trees throughout, so you don't see any significant alpine scenery until you arrive at the lake itself. Not one of the better trails in the park; there are lakes of equivalent grandeur elsewhere with better trails, or even roads, to access them by.

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