I spend my days working on my web sites and other projects (a listing is here). They keep me pretty busy — I’m behind on many things — but in theory, at least, I can make time for paying work. Really, I’d be crazy not to.

Here are some of the things I think I’m good at.


I started blogging nearly six years ago, before it was Cool (and then, later, inevitably, Not Cool). I’ve maintained several reasonably successful blogs, including The Map Room and DFL, and I’ve used many of the major blogging platforms.

(See also Web Design.)

Editing and Proofreading

I’ve edited newsletters and spent nearly three years copyediting and proofreading federal statutes and regulations.

Web Design

I’m more a web writer than a web designer, but I have built a few web sites here and there. My skills would be best suited for small, cottage or hobby businesses — for example, small-scale model manufacturers or exotic animal breeders — that have neither the need for a large site, nor the funds to pay for one.

I hope to have something more descriptive in the future, but in the meantime, visit my web design portfolio for samples.

(See also Blogging.)


I’ve worked as a reporter and have written briefing notes and materials for senior government officials, how-to articles for hobbyists, presentations and promotional literature. I’ve got a very distinctive writing style that has been popular with my readers, both online and in print. I’m also good at taking complicated or technical material and rendering it in simple terms, resulting in anything from popular science articles to concise briefing notes.

For writing samples, see my Articles section. I also have a list of my publications.

Reptile Shows

I’ve given talks on reptiles (especially snakes) and organized educational displays. If you’d like someone to come in and speak to your group about exotic or native reptiles, this is something I can do.


To see what I’ve done, and for more information on the foregoing, have a look at my résumé; to see what I’m doing now, look around this site.

If you like what you see — and golly, why wouldn’t you? — then drop me a line and we can talk business.