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Ankylosing Spondylitis
Ankylose This!; older entries about ankylosing spondylitis.
Blog entries about astronomy on The Map Room and The McWetlog; astrophotography.
The McWetlog, my personal blog; The Map Room, about maps; Ankylose This!, a group blog about living with ankylosing spondylitis; DFL, about Olympic last-place finishes.
Book reviews on The Map Room, on, on LibraryThing and published in a newsletter; entries about books on The McWetlog and The Map Room; LibraryThing catalogue; Amazon wish list.
Garter Snakes; photos of garter snakes; photos of my pet garter snakes; photos of a garter snake birth in 2002; photos of a trip to the Narcisse snake dens in 2006.
The Map Room; Google My Maps profile; map of geotagged photos on Flickr; Amazon map wish list.
Snakes on Film.
Curriculum vitae; biographical notes on this site, and The Map Room; a personal essay, Maps and Me; personal profiles on Blogger, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, MetaFilter, MySpace,, Yahoo! and Yahoo! 360°; personal blog entries; photos of me.
Flickr photos, profile, photosets and map of geotagged photos; blog entries about digital photography and my photos; Canadian Rockies photos.
The Pontiac (Quebec)
Sample news stories; blog entries about the Pontiac; Pontiac photos.
Main reptiles page; reptile articles and reviews; blog entries about reptiles and amphibians; FAQ.
Our reptile collection: reptile collection photoset; thematic photosets (feeding, sex, garter snake birth); all reptile collection photos; blog entries about our reptile collection; Ringneck Diary.
Field herping: Mudpuppy Night photos; Murphy’s Point photos; Pelee Island photos from 2002 and 2004 and trip report from 2002; Spotted Turtle Survey 2001 article and 2003 photos.
Reptile zoo photos: Indian River, Little Ray’s.
See also: Garter Snakes.
RSS Feeds
RSS Main Page; Ankylose This!; my feed; DFL; my Flickr photostream;; The Map Room (full-text, partial); The McWetlog.
OPML feed.
See Garter Snakes and Reptiles.
FRN; railroad-related blog entries on The McWetlog and The Map Room; photos of the Canadian Railway Museum and the HCW steam train.
Curriculum vitae; articles; projects; publications list; LinkedIn profile.

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