This is a small-scale, non-commercial, hobby operation — something we do on the side, not our full-time business. We don’t have a storefront, nor do we keep regular business hours. Which is to say that we’re not always available to sell snakes, even though we do appreciate your business. If you’re interested, we can probably work something out.


I should mention that we don’t normally ship. We might consider it for a large order within Canada, but we won’t ship over winter and we can’t legally ship by any method except air freight. I will not sell you an animal that it is not legal for you to keep where you live (for example, garter snakes in British Columbia without the requisite licence).

Reptile shows

The best place to peruse our wares is at our table at a reptile show. We sometimes have a table at the Ontario Reptile Expo, which takes place five times a year in Mississauga — and now twice a year in Kemptville, south of Ottawa. Sometimes we attend one of the smaller shows, too.

Delivery and pickups

If that’s not practical for you, or if you just can’t wait until the next show, contact me and see if we can arrange another time and place. I can deliver in the Ottawa-Gatineau area the next time I’m in town, in and around Renfrew, and in the Pontiac. Otherwise, you’ll have to come to me, or we’ll have to wait until the next time I happen to be in your area — for example, the next time I visit Toronto or Montreal. It’s usually not realistic for me to make a special long-distance trip to deliver your snake.

Any questions? Have a look at the FAQ and terms and conditions, and if they don’t help, don’t hesitate to ask.