Reptile show results

Another reptile show gone, another three snakes sold — a wandering garter, a red-sided garter, and a newborn corn snake with a kink in his spine that nonetheless was eating well. Sales about what I’d expected, though I’d hoped for more.

I’d raised the prices on the garter snakes a touch to reflect their age and size and no one complained — the people who really want garter snakes will pay a reasonable price; those that complain if I charge more than $20 wouldn’t have paid a lower price anyway.

We came back with three snakes, so we’re dead even in terms of mouths to feed: a new baby blue-striped garter snake; a yearling (albeit small for its age) female Baird’s rat snake, so we can pair up my male; and, from Stewart, a new Okeetee corn snake, because Jen likes them a lot.