Site changes

I’ve been a busy bee.

  1. The sidebar has been redesigned to reduce clutter. There are some changes to this blog’s navigation menu as a result, but for the better, I think.
  2. Minor changes to the style sheets in the same vein.
  3. The reptiles section is back to its former strength: it now has a page about my collection and a summary of my field herping activities (not just my life list). Both pages will almost certainly be expanded in the near future, but at least something’s up now. However, the big news is that, after much delay and procrastination, I’m selling snakes via this web site again (the FAQ is back up too). I think I’ve mellowed enough to be able to deal with customers again.

Still to do:

  1. More reptile galleries: the 2003 spotted turtle survey, mudpuppying, and 2002 Murphy’s Point adventures.
  2. Flesh out the field herping and collection pages.
  3. Redo the photos page.
  4. Update my résumé and put in a cover-letter style introduction in the “hire” section.
  5. A new front page.