Almost sold out

We’re almost sold out of snakes; at the moment, the only snake available is a single male Red-sided Garter Snake born in 2002.

On Thursday I bid farewell to the two and a half year old Great Basin Gopher Snake I’d been trying to sell for more than a year; it looks like he’s gone to a really good home with enthusiastic owners. And yesterday, at Grant’s show, I sold six of the seven snakes we had for sale, including all of the Wandering Garter Snakes and our last remaining Corn Snake from 2003. Where in hell did that come from?

Well, there was one buyer who took four on the spot. But I think the fact that the price list is now back online (previous entry) has something to do with it: greater visibility means more opportunities for sales. Certainly the gopher snake was sold off the web site, and I’ve had lots of inquiries from people who apparently did not move fast enough yesterday. (One left, guys! Hoof it!) The price list came down for a number of reasons, but this is ample proof that it should have stayed up.