Snakes get you laid

iTunes gets you laid (via Cult of Mac). Lots of other things get you laid too, apparently.

You’re all wrong. Snakes get you laid. I’m serious. On more than one occasion, while doing reptile displays, I’ve had a largeish snake out — a bullsnake or a black rat snake, for example — and have been surrounded by a group of reasonably young, attractive women. (Somewhere along the line things changed, and — anecdotally — it seems that more men are afraid of them now than women are, in all age groups.) Now nothing sordid came of that, of course, but even I could appreciate the ice-breaking potential. (Sorry Wes, but it seems to be a lot more effective than the “naked salamander dance of love” line. Snakes is cooler than newtses.)

But more importantly, it’s worth pointing out that I met Jennifer while holding a big black rat snake at an educational display. (As I like to say, she came over to the table with lust in her eyes — for the snake. Too bad it wasn’t one of mine.) So how about that?