High school astronomy

Had a bunch of kids look through the telescopes last night, as part of the programming for the 30-hour famine at Jennifer’s high school. It almost didn’t happen: as so often happens, the clouds came rolling in as the sun set. But I’d already packed the telescopes and associated gear into the car, and the clouds were patchy, so what the hell.

We had some sporadic clear patches of sky to look at, but observing time was brief — in no small part because eager/goofball students kept twisting the focus on the Schmidt-Cassegrain way out. While I tried to fixed things, a lot of kids lost interest, but there was a hard core of one or two of them who stuck around until the clouds covered the entire sky. Fortunately Saturn was up, and visible most of the time: you can’t go wrong with Saturn as a first thing to look at through the telescope. And they didn’t break anything, which is always good.