The real surprise is that I actually have readers

Imagine my surprise. Last Saturday afternoon, as I’m sitting in the car and just about to start it, there was a tap on my windshield: it was long-time reader Moira, with whom I’ve exchanged e-mail but who I’ve never met in person before, saying hello. She’s been following this blog closely enough, and knows the area well enough, to recognize where I live, and spotted us on our way out as she drove by. I’m afraid my first reaction was to try to crawl under the clutch pedal; I’m not used to the idea of having a fan base, and Moira was the first (non-media) individual to approach me in person as a result of my online writing. So I got just a little bit self-conscious, which I’m wont to do when faced with, you know, attention. Jennifer, meanwhile, was enjoying every minute (even though she reacts to attention in roughly the same way; I’ll get her for that).