Two snakes for sale

Leucistic Texas rat snakeRed milk snake

We’ve decided to part with a couple of snakes that we’ve had for a few years. The following snakes are now listed on the price list page:

  1. A male leucistic Texas rat snake, born in 2005; he’s jumpy and feisty as only young rat snakes can be, but will probably settle down in the hands of someone whose attention is spread across fewer snakes. He started out as a problem feeder but now has one of the most voracious appetites in our collection. $120.
  2. A female red milk snake, born in 2002. She was originally acquired as part of a breeding pair that turned out to be two females. Small and gentle, she’s still eating fuzzy mice. This subspecies of milk snake isn’t commonly seen in captivity. $180.

Let me know if you’re interested. Local sales only! And be sure to consult the reptile FAQ and terms and conditions before contacting me.