My new glasses

New glasses So I finally picked up my new glasses a week ago today, my first new pair in — get this — 15 years. My old glasses were so old, uncomfortable, out-of-prescription and unfashionable that I was embarrassed to wear them unless absolutely necessary (i.e., when driving). These ones are smaller and considerably more up-to-date (dig the half frames), but it’s taken some time to get used to them: in terms of the new prescription, which is considerably stronger; in terms of how I look in them, which is quite different; and in that I’m trying to wear them all the time. Fortunately, disinterested observers seem to agree that I look good in them, but I imagine that damn near anything would look good in comparison; the old ones were pretty bad by now.

You will no longer be surprised to learn that I was muttering about getting new glasses two years ago. It does seem to take me a while to look after the personal shite.

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