Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Language police vs. blogs [ 10:14 PM ]

Should I be worried? Apparently not: the OLF has decided not to target blogs. Note to self: translate reptile pages. (via Path of the Paddle)

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Snake update [ 3:00 PM ]

1. Introvert died (previous entry). I no longer have breedable pairs of garter snakes.

2. Many baby snakes have hatched: corns, and one gopher snake.

3. New arrivals — baby snakes from the last reptile show: two checkered garters that took pinky pieces at once; a male hognose for our intemperate female; and a young male boa constrictor we’ve named “Snuggles”. (You need a large snake if you do reptile shows, and boa constrictors, being smaller and good natured — no one has ever died from a pet boa constrictor — are the best of that lot. And males stay smaller than the females. Thus.)

Clueless fuckwit kidnaps, tortures bear cub [ 2:46 PM ]

Here’s the story that got me riled up enough to resume blogging: “If I get a chance, I'll do it again. I think a bear would make a good pet.” An apparently clueless Quebec woodsman kidnapped a black bear cub, dunking it under water and dragging it by its hind leg. Police and wildlife officers forced him to surrender the bear, which was released 60 km from its mother. Charges are pendingdefinitely for possessing illegal wildlife, possibly for animal cruelty. Based on the responses I’ve seen, “death by locking the fuckwit in an enclosed space with the cub’s mother” seems the most popular choice of sentence. Posted to MetaFilter.

Saturday, September 13, 2003

I’m back [ 9:08 PM ]

I’m back. Our new evil reptilian kitten-eating overlords demand it. (Speaking of which, Earth to Tories: what the fuck?)

In a nutshell, I moved to Shawville and got hired by The Equity; I’ve been working as a reporter for a month. This does not give me much in the way of spare time, so it’s been silencio here — and what little blogging I did went to The Map Room.

I also contemplated moving the blog to Movable Type, which I may still do at some point, but it proved to be too much of a barrier: if I waited until installing MT before resuming blogging, I’d be on hiatus forever.

So I’ll forgo ambitious reworkings of ye blog here and resume normal blogging. A site redesign is on the verge of appearing in a few sections, but it’ll take a while to manifest itself. What can I say, I’m working long hours for little money but I love it — none of these things was true when I was working for the federal government.

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