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Local gas prices

I understand that gasoline is expensive; it ought to be. I understand that gas prices ought to be a little bit higher in my small town than they are in the city. But how much higher? A few weeks ago I noticed a nine-cent spread between gas stations here and a gas station in Aylmer (that admittedly has lower prices than some other stations). Last Saturday the spread was thirteen cents: 115.9 vs. 102.9. Can someone please explain why there’s that much of a difference in price between gas stations only 75 kilometres apart?

Silent running

I’ve decided that turning off the phone ringer during the day is a good thing, and will do so on a permanent basis. Use e-mail or IM to get a hold of me during daylight hours.

It turns out that most of the calls I answer during the day fall into one of two categories:

  1. Ladies from the Archives, calling to ask a question (usually of the PEBKAC variety, and one they eventually solve on their own if I can’t be reached). Love them to death; hate being tech support.
  2. Callers from one of Jennifer’s financial institutions who don’t seem to realize that (a) unlike me, she’s gainfully employed (so why are they calling her at home during the day?) and (b) even if she did give them her work number, what makes them think they’re entitled to interrupt her job? Better be important; usually isn’t.

So, a source of disruption eliminated. Just because I’m at home doesn’t mean I’m not at work. Got to concentrate, here.

Computers vs. cars

Why isn’t computer repair like car repair?

When something goes wrong with a car, you take it into a garage; in most cases, the work can be done the same day. If parts need replacing, they usually have some on hand.

But when I took the iMac into the shop yesterday, I was told it would take three to five days before someone could even look at it. Ordering parts would add some time beyond that.

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